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haimlorb on May 14, 2015

Lorberboim’s paintings



And I’ll start with a manifest and plan – Aimed for a Tycoon or You! –

What to do with 300,000,000 $ – highest price paid for single painting or even much less.


You can establish your own Museum or Foundation like “The Lorberboim’s Art Foundation Collection Museum”.

My own guide line – Find an attractive place. Jerusalem is excellent.

Build your New art collection, I’d start with buying art strait from artists. Use no Art Advisers, Art Critics, Curators, Dealers, Agents, Galleries etc’. Price limit per work 1,000 $. Only paintings. No photos, prints, etc’.

Management – Yourself or hire young people, not ruined by art school, – Just buy art you love. Limit buying up to 10 works by a single artist.

Even with a very modest sum you can have your own reputable Museum or Foundation.

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About Lorberboim’s paintings.

  • Lorberboim’s paintings are not for sale.
  • Lorberboim’s paintings can be viewed at Lorberboim’s Virtual Exhibitions and pages on this site.
  • Former Virtual Exhibition are at The Lorberboim Times http://lorberboim.com/ .
  • The Lorberboim Times at http://lorberboim.com/ which is molded in a frame of traditional newspaper, present extended view on all Lorberboim’s workOil paintings, Mixed Media – Oil on Tempera, Soft Paste, Designing, Sculpture, Viterage/ Stained Glass, Engravings, Lithographs, Screen Prints and Photography. This site also let you have an inside look on all Lorberboim’s life, work and all kind of activities and professions like MBA, Printing, Flying, Sailing, Rafting, Exploring, Photographing, Cooking, Geology section maker and Fire Works.

Read more…http://lorberboim.com/ & http://lorberboim.com/about-me/